Conservation Program Part 1

Best Impact Film 2018
Director: Karina Holden
Australia, 2017, 76m
BLUE charts the drastic decline in the health of our oceans. With more than half of all marine life lost and the expanding industrialization of the seas, the film sets out the challenges we are facing and the opportunities for positive change. Filmed on location in Australia, Hawaii, the South Pacific, the Philippines and Indonesia, BLUE changes the way we think about our liquid world and inspires the audience to take action.

Elk River
Finalist 2017
Directors: Jenny Nichols & Joe Riis
USA, 2016, 28m
Scientist Arthur Middleton, photographer Joe Riis, artist James Prosek and filmmaker Jenny Nichols join forces to capture the migration of elk in the Yellowstone area through a multidisciplinary lens.
For many of the elk herds that summer in Yellowstone National Park, home is outside the protected park boundaries the rest of the year. This modern band of explorers join their ungulate counterparts on a trek from Wyoming’s rangeland through snowy mountain passes and treacherous river crossings to the rugged beauty of Yellowstone’s high-alpine meadows.

namanu rruni |Albatross Island
Best Short 2019
Director: Matthew Newton
Australia, 2018, 14m
namanu rruni | Albatross Island takes the viewer to a place almost entirely unseen. It is a journey to a remote and beautiful corner of Tasmania and into the lives of the endemic shy albatross that live only there, and the scientists that are working to ensure the species’ survival.

Person Of The Forest
Finalist 2018
Directors: Melissa Lesh, Tim Lanman
USA, 2017, 17m
In the vanishing lowland rainforests of Borneo, research is underway to uncover and understand the unique cultural behaviors in wild orangutans. There, photographer Tim Laman, researcher Cheryl Knott and young explorer Robert Suro shed new light on the similarities between ourselves and our ancient ancestors, before it’s too late.

Sirocco: How a Dud Became a Stud
Best Student Film 2016
Director: Ashwika Kapur
New Zealand, 15m
Sirocco, how a dud became a stud, is the delightful rags-to- riches story of a parrot catapulted, by a strange chain of events, to phenomenal fame and recognition. This quirky New Zealand bird has a PR team to manage his public image. He has a social media following bigger than many human celebrities. He even gets his own VIP seat in the airplane that flies him on official tours. This is unforgettable and heart-warming story of his life.

Warlords of Ivory
Best Conservation Film 2016
Director: J.J. Kelley
2015, 48m
Investigative journalist Bryan Christy is setting out on a groundbreaking mission to expose how the ivory trade funds some of Africa’s most notorious militias and terrorist groups. Working with one of the world’s top taxidermists, he conceals a sophisticated GPS tracker inside an incredibly realistic faux ivory tusk and drops it in the heart of ivory poaching country and monitors its movements to track down the kingpins of the ivory trade.