WILD Mission

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More than ever, people are fascinated with all things connected to the planet and aware of the urgency to save it.

Through powerful, exhilarating films and conversations, the festival presents an extraordinary opportunity to exchange ideas, celebrate the wild and effect change.

New York WILD is a platform to create excitement, identify critical issues, build partnerships, and reach audiences that care about exploring, discovering and protecting our planet.

Check out our Festival trailers from past years and see what filmmakers, explorers, conservationists and sponsors say about the New York WILD in testimonials below.

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Ami Vitale, NY WILD 2019

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Jonathan Demme, NY WILD 2016


We had such a wonderful experience at New York WILD. It was an honor be recognized for our work. The audience was engaged and asked smart, thoughtful and challenging questions. It is exactly what a great film festival should be -- all about the work in an intimate and welcoming setting.

Tom Yellin - Producer, When Lambs Become Lions, Best in Festival

"It was a short trip from San Diego when you consider how much global perspective we gained. It was especially inspiring to meet the filmmakers, explorers and global activists who are leading the charge in protecting our planet. We look forward to coming back in future years and staying involved with this wonderful community."

Peter Nerotin - Audience Member

"Onscreen, Medellín proclaimed, 'I am the bat man.' The crowd cheered. An audience member behind him shouted, 'Yeah!' I attended two nights’ worth of the festival’s sold-out three-day program, and the viewers were almost uniformly that enthusiastic. 'It’s a great festival because it has both adventure and conservation components.'"

Tim Sohn - The New Yorker

"The experience of screening at the New York WILD Film Festival has been amazing... It provides a forum that, through the films it selects, is a vitally important moment."

Jonathan Demme - Director, "The Silence of The Lambs," "What’s Motivating Hayes," Best Conservation Hero Film, 2015

"Thank you for all you and your team are doing - not just for intrepid New Yorkers that love to escape, but more importantly for the vital coverage you are bringing to essential conservation causes around our beloved Planet."

Crispin Baynes - Burgess Yachts, NY.

"Every film that I’ve seen so far, it really touches on the conservation aspect and it’s been inspiring in that respect. I’m leaving here feeling that I want to do something more... It’s been pretty incredible in that regard."

Angie Payne - Professional Climber, "Poumaka" 2017 Finalist

"I was thrilled to be part of the New York WILD Festival, in a frozen New York the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Trading tall tales with fellow filmmakers and drinking tequila with the informed and fearless audience, we had a blast and left fired up by the other films we'd seen."

Tom Mustill - Director, "The Bat Man of Mexico" Best Exploration Film 2015

"Thank you for celebrating 'Soul of the Elephant.' It's the only way we can get people to care. We really appreciate receiving this award. This award is for elephants."

Dereck and Beverly Joubert - Producers, "Soul of the Elephant" Best Wildlife Film, 2016

"[The] New York WILD Film Festival was a triumph! I was so happy to be able to attend Saturday's events and experience its style and substance."

Flo Stone - Founder, DC Environmental Film Festival

"I was definitely tickled, well-delighted, by the overwhelming response to the film, and the questioning that followed was seemingly endless. The Ross Sea could use many more such opportunities to tell this story."

David Ainley - Marine Ecologist, featured in "The Last Ocean" Best Conservation Film, 2014

"I had a wonderful time... great questions from the guests. I've been to a number of screenings and in my experience this was probably the best. The audience was clearly engaged."

Dr. Michael E. Mann - Distinguished Professor and Director, Earth System Science Center, featured in "Before the Flood" Best in Festival, 2017

"As sponsor, Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is thrilled to be a part of the New York WILD Film Festival and proud of the impact it has made showcasing the fields of wildlife conservation and environmental protection."

Natalie Cash - Executive Producer, Wildlife Conservation Society

"Being a part of New York WILD is a huge honor, especially to be included with such amazing filmmakers... Now that I’m here, I’m realizing not only the importance of the festival and the people it brings together... it’s a great opportunity to get inspiration, recharge your batteries and make connections."

Katie Schuler - Director, "Pangolin" Best Short Film